Common Questions & Concerns

What Is A Brazilian Wax?

Does It Hurt?

How Long Does It Take?

What Can I Do To Prepare?

How Long Does It Last?

Is It Ok To Shave Between Wax Appointments?

What Can I Expect Afterwards?

Is Waxing Sanitary?

Are There Any Topical Creams Or Meds I Should Avoid Prior To Waxing?

Do I Need An Appointment?

Bear Naked reccomends waiting 2 to 3 days
before starting an after care program

Exfoliate: This will help obtain the maximum results of waxing and prevent in-grown hairs.

Use a natural bristle body brush with a hypoallergenic soap: Scrub in a small circular motion over the waxed area. This will help loosen any dirt, and cellular build-up that could cause the folical to clog.

On clean dry skin apply PFB Vanish™, an after wax serum specifially formulated to prevent ingrown hair, and keep the folical clean. This allows the finer, softer hair to reach the skins surface blemish free and is part of achieving 3 to 4 weeks of no hair regrowth.